The Clyde Hill Elementary (CHE) Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for all CHE students. We bring together parents, teachers, students and community members to support the CHE staff, provide outstanding educational opportunities for every child, and build a strong school community.


The Clyde Hill Elementary PTA Standing Rules can be found by clicking the link


  1. Raise $200,000 via 2 primary fundraisers, and smaller ones if needed. This allows us to continue funding classroom aides and many other programs from which our children benefit.
  2. 100% PTA participation (either individual or family membership). Your participation is critical to ensuring we are making decisions that encompass our diverse community.
  3. Improve our Academic Enhancement Programs. These programs touch every child and we need to get the greatest educational value for every dollar we spend.
  4. Simplify communication. Provide parents timely, complete and concise information, in an easy-to-consume format, is key to successful events, programs and fundraising.


Washington, and most other states, continue to underfund K-12 education. The Bellevue School District does not have the funds to close the gap.  The result is increased class sizes and many programs have been cut.  It is left to our PTA to raise funds to deliver the enhanced education we all want for our kids. Simply put, we need your help.  We need your ideas, your skills and your financial support.  Your membership provides you a voice in your child’s education, helps you stay informed, and connects your family to the CHE community.


The chart below explains how the PTA spends its money.  As you can see, the vast majority of the money is spent on programs that help our students.


Studies prove what parents know: students thrive with individualized attention.  To that end, the Clyde Hill PTA funds 5 instructional assistants  – these people help combat the challenges of large classrooms and assist with differentiated learning.

  • Experiences brought to the school – Make a Toy Day, Human Body Day and Nutrition Day to name a few.
  • Software that is used by students in the classroom and at home – Raz-Kids and IXL.
  • Additional classroom materials such as reading books, dictionaries, etc.

Our PTA provides many other services and orchestrates several community events throughout the year, but the vast amount of funds raised are dedicated to Classroom Aides/Specialist and the Curriculum Enhancement Program. More specifically, the PTA pays for, organizes, and manages:

  • 5 Instructional Assistants that reduce the teacher-to-student ratio;
  • A Reading Specialists, who delivers a reading enhancement program that improves student reading and comprehension skills;
  • On-Campus Learning Experiences;
  • New Scholastic books in all classrooms;
  • Library books;
  • Book Fair;
  • Software for classroom and home use;
  • Clinic supplies;
  • School supplies ordering;
  • School directory;
  • Hearing & vision screening;
  • Multi-Lingual Principal Coffees;
  • Picture Day;
  • Yearbook;
  • Spirit Wear;
  • Weekly Newsletter;
  • Clyde Hill PTA Website;
  • Fundraising Efforts: Annual Fund, Cookie (or other products) Sale, Walk-a-Thon;
  • Community Events: Back to School BBQ, Afternoon at the Movies, Father-Daughter Night, Mother-Son Night, Fun Day, Heritage Festival;
  • School Play;
  • Talent Show

We look forward to your membership and participation in the PTA.

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