2014 / 2015 SCHOOL YEAR

The PTA will again offer our Curriculum Enhancement (CE) Program for the 2014-15 school year!  Our goal is for every student to have educational, fun experiences throughout their years at Clyde Hill Elementary. These experiences give our students opportunities to apply classroom learning out in the world.  Thanks to the generous parent donations to the PTA every student will have a combination of at least 6 in-school and field trip experiences!   We would like to thank our Clyde Hill teachers for their active participation in helping us identify and plan the activities and events! Our grade level planning teams have done a fantastic job of creating educational and memorable experiences for all of our Clyde Hill students.  And, we look forward to seeing so many of our parents at the various events. As each event approaches, parents will receive more information and permission slips (for off-campus field trips) from your teachers and/or room parents. You will also receive a short summary of the event and questions to ask your student.  We hope you enjoy the new program! Teachers: we are also continuing to fund grants for other classroom and grade specific needs.  If you would like to submit a grant request, please use this form:


Some of the curriculum enhancement programs offered in 2015-2016 are: First Grade Curriculum Enhancement – The Noise Guy The Noise Guy is a mobile one-man show that presented a highly entertaining Clouding Around program to our first graders. He helped further their understanding of the weather curriculum by teaching them about the different types of clouds (Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratus) and how to make a barometer. The program was interactive and full of sound effects! Thank you to the Clyde Hill PTA and the contributions made by our parents that fund great curriculum enhancement activities. First Grade Curriculum Enhancement – Visit to the MOHAI Museum On 10/26-10/27, the first grade visited the MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) in Seattle and had the opportunity to spend the day learning about early Puget Sound community citizens to enhance the Social Studies curriculum. Working in groups, they rotated through numerous stations where they were tasked with locating historical items related to their assigned professions (police officer, fire fighter, baker, carpenter, doctor) and finished the activity by acting out in various skits how their group assisted the community during and after the Great Seattle Fire. The class also enjoyed a learning scavenger hunt throughout the museum using an iPad.  It was a great success and we would like to thank you to the PTA contributions for making this field trip possible.

Curriculum Enhancement 2015-16 Co-Chairs:

Stephanie Dash  colbyd2001@aol.com Cindy Moss cindylmoss@me.com

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