Your child will have vision and hearing screening at school this fall.  Hearing screening is scheduled in September.  Vision screening will take place at a later date, probably in October or November.

These yearly screenings are required by the state as set forth in Washington’s Administrative Code.  Here’s a link for further information:


The screening is completed quickly so that students miss very little class time.  Test results are treated with the confidentiality and privacy accorded to all health information at school.  Screening results “pass” or “no pass” are disclosed to your child’s classroom teacher.  Should your child not pass the hearing test you will be notified and referred to the BSD Audiologist for further testing.  If your child doesn’t pass the vision screening you’ll receive a notice of the results, and will be asked to take your student for an optometrist’s exam.

If for any reason you wish to exclude your child from either Hearing or Vision screening please notify the school nurse.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse: 425-456-5003.

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