FRIDAY APRIL 28 2017 2:30-4:00 PM


The Walk-A-Thon is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.  This all-school event is highly anticipated and empowers every student to raise money via donations.  On event day, students walk or run laps on the upper field while parents, teachers and friends cheer them on.  It is a fun event where everyone is welcome!

This year’s event is on Friday 4/28, with money being collected over two weeks from 4/17 – 4/28.  The event will take place after school and includes a bake sale and games! Thank you for helping to make this a GREAT event!



Money raised from the Walk-A-Thon pays for important programs not funded by the state or district, such as:

  • Classroom Aids/Reading Specialists to help provide differentiated learning & playground supervision.
  • Curriculum Enhancements such as the Academic Challenge, Field Trips, in-class materials and more.
  • Community Events such as School Play, Talent Show, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Event and more.

To ensure that these critical programs continue,

we are asking for 100% participation!


We have put in place great tools and exciting incentives to make raising money easier and more fun, and to aid us in reaching our whole school goal!

  • $100 goal per student – we are asking each student to reach this personal donation goal to help us reach our $50k goal!
  • Personalized online donor page just for you – all students will be given their own donor page/link to send to family, friends and other contacts to collect donations online!
  • Prizes for everyone – all students receive a t-shirt & earn prizes at the event as they complete laps.  And, there will be raffles for everyone who donates $100 as well as $5 or more, plus a chance to dump water on the principal if we reach our all-school goal!
  • Corporate sponsorships help us raise the money we need beyond student donations and allow you to focus on helping your student secure donations!
  • Classes can win their teacher a gift card – for being the best dressed class during a week of fun-themed dress-up days!

*If you or another donor is new to PayPal, it is possible your bank may decline your first transaction.

If this happens simply try again. Thank you for your donation!

Thank you to our sponsors

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