Dear Clyde Hill Families,
We are pleased to announce the return of Walking Wednesdays startng Sept 7th, 2016 and continuing every Wednesday until the end of the school year (rain or shine). The program is intended to promote physical activity, as well as reduce the number of vehicles on and around campus before and after school. Students eligible to ride the bus should walk to their bus stop and not to school. We realize that not all students can participate due to parent work schedules or other reasons, but we’d love to see as many families participate as possible, so leave the car at home and let’s get our kids walking!

Thank you for your continued support & participation!


  • Safety first! Watch for cars and use crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Ride the school bus? Ride to the bus stop instead.
  • Walk with a friend.
  • Time yourself! Practice on a weekend to find out how much time to allow.
  • Check the weather and dress appropriately (boots, rain coat, umbrella etc.)
  • Can’t walk on Wednesday? Walk another day.
  • Challenge yourself to walk 1-2 extra days every week.
  • Create a “Walk Pool” or “Walking School Bus” with the families on your street.
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