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Your active participation in our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is extremely important!  Please take a minute to complete the online membership form below.  By doing so, you may choose to be listed in the school directory, receive the weekly newsletter and/or join the PTA for the school year.

Our goal is to have at least one adult from every family represented on the PTA.  Each paying member is allowed one vote for PTA matters throughout the school year (plan to attend our General Assembly meetings to cast your vote that mean the most to you and your child and let your voice be heard).

Teachers are also encouraged to join the Clyde Hill PTA, after all it is the Parent TEACHERS Association!   The PTA relies on the expert opinions of our educators to help guide us in setting and achieving our goals each year.  Teachers know what our kids need better than anyone else so please encourage your child’s teacher to sign up today!

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