—National PTA Reflections Art Contest 2019-2020

Clyde Hill Entry Deadline:  November 20, 2019

Kids develop creative problem solving skills when they produce art. 

Every child is a potential artist, dancer, writer, photographer, film director or musical composer.  Kids just need a chance to try a variety of art forms to see where they shine. The National PTA Reflections art contest provides that opportunity by giving kids a theme they can think about and six different areas of art they can explore.

Whether your child is an aspiring artist, scientist, business mogul, or sports player, contemplating a theme and creating something out of nothing is a great experience that will help them solve problems later in life.

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How to Participate

  • Decide what type of art you want to create. You can enter more than one category, so if you want to paint a picture AND write a story, go for it! 
  • Think about this year’s theme, “Look Within”, and how you will express the theme in your art. When judges look at your work, the most important thing they will consider is how well it connects to the theme!
  • Read the General Participation Rules, the Category Rules, and fill out an entry form for the individual art category you have chosen. Rules for each category can be found using the links below. 

    Since the primary goal of Reflections is to promote creativity, the program’s rules create the necessary boundaries to allow judging, exhibits, transporting, and awards.

  • Create your Art!! 
  • Turn in your art, along with a completed Entry Form, to the Reflections station in the Office by Friday, November 19, 2019 for Academic Adventure credit.

Please note that the size limit for 2D Visual Art entries (including matting) is 24″ x 30″ and must not exceed 1/2″ thickness.  The size limit for Photography entries is 8″ x 10″ before matting and 11″ x 14″ with matting. The Entry Form must be signed by both a parent and the student, and attached to the artwork.


Reflections Art Categories, Rules, and Entry Forms


2D Visual Art, Painting, Drawing, Collage

Click here for Visual Art rules and entry form

Literature, Stories, poems, essays

Click here for Literature rules and entry form


Click here for Photography rules and entry form

Music composition

Click here for Music rules and entry form

 Film Production

Click here for Film rules and entry form

Dance Choreography

Click here for Dance rules and entry form


There is also a Special Artist category for students whose physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges meet the American with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Each category is divided into two divisions: Primary (K-2nd grades) and Intermediate (3rd – 5th grades). Entries can advance from the local level to district, state, and National levels. The work students create for the Reflections Art Contest is truly inspiring. 

You can see the 2018-2019 National PTA Reflections winners here: 2018-19 National Reflections Gallery.

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